Boys Under 18/19 (Lucey) 1995


Spring 2014

Coach: Neil Lucey
Asst. Coach:
Manager: Dan Flowers


Daniel B. 22
Samuel C. 14 Midfield/Striker
Jason D. 23 Midfield/Striker
Ryan E. 16 Midfield/Striker
Walter E. 10 Defense/Midfield
Shane F. 13
Nicholas F. 7 Midfield/Defense
Logan F. 8
Anthony G. 15
Ronald G. 9 Midfield/Defense
Daniel H. 1 Keeper
Liam K. 21 Midfield
Max K. 0 Keeper
Aidan L. 17 Midfield
Thomas M. 18 Midfield/Defense
Jonathan R. 6 Striker/Midfield
Matan S. 2
Andrew S. 20 Defense
Henry T. 11


Click here for Spring 2014 MAPLE Schedule and Standings


Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE) Record

Spring 2014 U-18 2nd 4 1 0
Spring 2013 U-17 1st 0 6 1
Spring 2008 U-12 Blue 2 5 1
Spring 2007 U-11 Blue 1 5 1
Fall 2007 U-12 Green 6 1 2
Fall 2006 U-11 Red 6 1 2


2013 – Semi-Finalist Needham Memorial Day Tournament
2008 – Champions Bandits Cup
2008 – Semi-Finalist Paul Irwin State Cup
2007 – Semi-Finalist NE Soccer Classic
2007 – Qualifier KC Andre Cup


U-13 Boys are 2009 New England Classic Champions!

Congratulations to the U-13 Boys team on winning the 2009 New England Classic. After suffering a 3-2 loss in the first game of the tournament, the boys put together an impressive run of victories over some stiff competition capping the tournament off with a convincing, 4-0 victory over the South County Blaze from Rhode Island. It was an excellent team effort and a nice warm up for the upcoming State Cup.

U-13 Boys Earn Division 1 Promotion for 2009/2010

Congratulations to the U-13 Boys team for earning a promotion to Division 1 for the 2009/2010 season, we look forward to next season as a U-14 Division 1 competitor.

U-13 Boys are 2008 Bandits Cup Champions

Congratulations to the U-13 Boys team on winning the 2008 Bandits Cup Championship. The boys kicked off their 2008/09 campaign with a series of evenly fought matches that led up to an exciting final against a very strong Crusaders United squad. The boys prevailed sealing a 1-0 victory over a stubborn Crusaders side. Congratulations and good luck this fall.


Fall 2008 Team Photo


Fall 2007 Team Photo

Gordie S, Dan W, Curtis B, Ethan M, Nick F, Ted G, Jordan E, Wally E, Sam L, Aidan L, Liam K, Kevin R, Tim G, Jason D, Kevin M, Coach Neil Lucey & Dan Flowers


2005-2006 U11 Boys team

Dan W., Gordie S., Curtis B., Nick A., Ethan M., Matt S., Ted G., Jordan E., Wally E., Logan N., Sam L., Aidan L., Liam K., Sean G., Kevin R., Jason D., Kevin M., Coach Neil Lucey