FullerHamlets Camps

Clinic Registration

Fuller Hamlets SC is now providing family based registration accounts. This will allow you to group all of your existing family members into a single login based account. Please take a moment to read the instructions on consolidating your existing individual accounts (coaches and players) into the family account structure.

1. When asked to login, login with any of the usernames and passwords you have with the Fuller Hamlets. (If you are new to this and don't have an account, then follow the steps to create an account and set it up appropriately as below)

i. This could be your child's player account, or your own coach account

2. On the next page you will see a list of your family members

i. Mark anyone that is a Guardian as a Parent
ii. Mark the children as Players

3. Hit Continue after selecting your Family Roles

4. On the next screen you will have the option to edit your login details to whatever you please

i. You will be able to use this username and password to register all participants in your family

5. Hit Submit when finished

6. On the next page you will be given the option to register your players

i. Select the "Register Player" button next to your child's name to register as usual. Or you can select your name to register as a coach if are one within the organization
ii. Register for the appropriate program for the appropriate year

iii. Then repeat for any additional family members

7. After you completed the above step,

i. Make sure to click on the "Check Out" button within the "Pending Invoices" box so that registration for that/those registrants is submitted

8. After completing step 7, you may or may not see another screen for Captcha codes.

i. If it does appear, enter that information in but make sure to hit on the "Complete Registration" button instead of using the enter button on the keyboard. If you hit the enter button, most likely there will be a pending transaction issue so make sure hit the "Complete Registration" button with your mouse