FullerHamlets Camps

Hamlets Young Players Clinic

The Fuller Hamlets Staff will provide an exciting and developmentally appropriate experience for the young player clinicers. They will learn the FUNdamentals of soccer while playing fun low impact games which hone the skills of the individual in a manner that the child is engaged and developing competence in their abilities.

First time clinicers explore and learn how to interact with their peers as they embark on a wonderful adventure of soccer. Clinicers develop a sense of competence and confidence as they participate in a fun and rewarding skills program for children ages 4-7 yrs.

This clinic is designed to teach the basic skills and introduce the rules of the game. It is a great environment for an inexperienced young player. Our professional staff coaches focus on providing a positive and fun-filled atmosphere. The fundamentals are the focus, a strong technical foundation is a key element to the development of soccer players. Young Players Clinic training is built into a curriculum that teaches technical ability, agility and balance. The clinic is a combination of skill learning and games. Children are taught the basics of the game. Staff to player ratio is less than 1:6

General Age Group: Boys and Girls 4-7