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Footskillz Sessions

Footskillz Sessions are based on a Coerver style design to build a players comfort level with the ball at their feet, making moves second nature thru multi-touch system. We will train players to become more confident with the ball at the feet and teach them how to take defenders on in the attacking third of the field. Our staff will work on topics such as ball control, speed dribbling, 1v1 moves, first touch, settling, turning, and deception. Players will be encouraged to take risks and try new moves with plenty of repetition in 1v1 and short-sided game situations. The freedom and fearlessness to be creative with the ball defines our foot skills clinics. We understand it to be necessary for the development and enjoyment of the beautiful game at the youth level in the United States.

Please note, a second session of this clinic (following the conclusion of a first session) is offered in the winter. The second session builds upon those skills developed in the first session. Therefore, the second session is considered to be of intermediate level and is a progression of the first session.

General Age Group: 9-13

What to Bring:

Indoor Clinics

Outdoor Clinics